by Local Houston Music


Ah, Lola’s, one of my favorite local dives. And it truly is the epitome of a dive. The decor is not unlike a punk rock voodoo hut. Posters line the walls all the way up and across the ceiling intermixed with art, graffiti, bumper stickers, and God knows what else. Everything from mardi gras beads, to rubber chickens, and Christmas lights hang down from overhead. The outside patio roof is an assortment of scrap metal constructed by the bartenders, who by someone’s poor judgement have been given a blow torch. Giant construction wire spools masquerade as outdoor tables. This place never fails to be full of the usual bizarre and interesting characters that frequent. Full of the tattooed, the sun worn, and the crazy both young and old, its the kind of place you don’t tell your kids about till they’re grown. They have seriously cheap, and stiff drinks and one of the best jukeboxes in town.


This little spot is a true gem for Montrosians. Tucked away in a corner of Montrose, no one from outside the loop would ever find it, or it they did, they wouldn’t dare step inside. Despite the rough exterior its a second home to some of the most beautiful and genuine people you’ll ever meet. On Tuesday nights, one of their bartenders, Jamie, will hook you up with the best boudin balls you’ve ever had, or some mighty fine monte cristo egg rolls. Bartender “Skinny Kenny”, will welcome you in like family, always waiting with a warm hug and some Purple People Eaters. For those of you unaware, Purple People Eaters are a shot that Kenny pushes like its going out of style, but almost never charges for. He says he loves the place, loves his coworkers, and that Lola’s “feels like home.” I can relate to all of the above. Though the Purple People Eaters may eat your memories, as they have been known to do, rest assured you probably had an awesome time at Lola’s. A night in this lovely little home for Houston weirdness never fails to send you home with a good story or two, or more.75707_454749594701_1264062_n