Pi Pizza

by Local Houston Music

288069_266968853329636_1444085_oPi Pizza, talk about an epic pizza and a food lover’s delight. All their pizzas are made extra large, 16in. They also sell slices individually at a forth of that size. To put that in perspective, its a slice of pie bigger than your face. It can usually be found posted up outside Catbirds on Westhiemer in Montrose. From those drunken nights when you just need something in your belly to the times you’re in the mood for something especially tasty, Pi Pizza can set you right. Pi Pizzas are no ordinary pizzas. Don’t get it twisted. Each pizza is a unique, and often quirky take on the idea of pizza and the menu changes every day. Anthony, the owner, describes what his truck does as “try[ing] to turn pizza on its head.” A favorite slice of mine, and a stationary item on the menu, is called the 420. It’s a frito pie pizza with mozzarella cheese and a grizzly BBQ sauce. Awesome every day on the week.