Poison Girl

by Local Houston Music


Poison Girl is a cool little joint right off Westhiemer in Montrose sandwiched in between the shops and tattoo parlors. The place has a cool vibe and young hipster crowd. The walls are lined with paintings of scantily clad ladies and an impressive selection of vintage pinball machines creating a unique atmosphere. Through the back is an outdoor patio decorating with a larger than life CoolAid Man. The giant statue was too large to fit through the doorway and had to be lifted with a crane and lowered down into the corner of the patio. Music here is always good. You can often find DJ’s spinning vinyl. Poison Girls hosts numerous events. The last Thursday of every month the bar hosts Poison Pen where the best local literary talent in Houston performs readings. Monday nights blues and 60’s DJ’s from KTRU spin. The place has a great whiskey/bourbon selection. The bartenders know what they are doing with the 180+ whiskeys on the shelf.