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Pi Pizza

288069_266968853329636_1444085_oPi Pizza, talk about an epic pizza and a food lover’s delight. All their pizzas are made extra large, 16in. They also sell slices individually at a forth of that size. To put that in perspective, its a slice of pie bigger than your face. It can usually be found posted up outside Catbirds on Westhiemer in Montrose. From those drunken nights when you just need something in your belly to the times you’re in the mood for something especially tasty, Pi Pizza can set you right. Pi Pizzas are no ordinary pizzas. Don’t get it twisted. Each pizza is a unique, and often quirky take on the idea of pizza and the menu changes every day. Anthony, the owner, describes what his truck does as “try[ing] to turn pizza on its head.” A favorite slice of mine, and a stationary item on the menu, is called the 420. It’s a frito pie pizza with mozzarella cheese and a grizzly BBQ sauce. Awesome every day on the week.








Ah, Lola’s, one of my favorite local dives. And it truly is the epitome of a dive. The decor is not unlike a punk rock voodoo hut. Posters line the walls all the way up and across the ceiling intermixed with art, graffiti, bumper stickers, and God knows what else. Everything from mardi gras beads, to rubber chickens, and Christmas lights hang down from overhead. The outside patio roof is an assortment of scrap metal constructed by the bartenders, who by someone’s poor judgement have been given a blow torch. Giant construction wire spools masquerade as outdoor tables. This place never fails to be full of the usual bizarre and interesting characters that frequent. Full of the tattooed, the sun worn, and the crazy both young and old, its the kind of place you don’t tell your kids about till they’re grown. They have seriously cheap, and stiff drinks and one of the best jukeboxes in town.


This little spot is a true gem for Montrosians. Tucked away in a corner of Montrose, no one from outside the loop would ever find it, or it they did, they wouldn’t dare step inside. Despite the rough exterior its a second home to some of the most beautiful and genuine people you’ll ever meet. On Tuesday nights, one of their bartenders, Jamie, will hook you up with the best boudin balls you’ve ever had, or some mighty fine monte cristo egg rolls. Bartender “Skinny Kenny”, will welcome you in like family, always waiting with a warm hug and some Purple People Eaters. For those of you unaware, Purple People Eaters are a shot that Kenny pushes like its going out of style, but almost never charges for. He says he loves the place, loves his coworkers, and that Lola’s “feels like home.” I can relate to all of the above. Though the Purple People Eaters may eat your memories, as they have been known to do, rest assured you probably had an awesome time at Lola’s. A night in this lovely little home for Houston weirdness never fails to send you home with a good story or two, or more.75707_454749594701_1264062_n


Flip N’ Patties, filling the Filipino gap once in Houston’s food scene


Houston has always been praised for its eclectic food scene. If there is a type of food you want, Houston probably has a restaurant for it. However, for a long time something was missing. Filipino food! Considering the number of Filipino people immigrating to the U.S. every year and the number of Filipino Americans living in Houston you would expect Filipino food to be pretty accessible, yet it couldn’t be found anywhere around town. As a half-Filipina this had been the source of some sadness and unsatisfied cravings for me. I would wait in anticipation all year for Christmas when I could finally visit my grandma and have her make me Filipino food. I would long for it all the rest of the year, but that all ended when Flip N’ Patties rose to the occasion. Flip N’ Patties is a Filipino food truck serving up the classic Pinoy street foods like lumpia, or for the gringos “flip rolls”, siopao, and halo halo!

It just brings joy to my heart. They also have a variety of juicy burgers and specialty fries made with Filipino ingredients. If that were not enough the truck is also fitted with state of the art karaoke monitors and microphones! They know their customer. It’s no wonder a crowd of loyal “flipsters” stalk the truck around town. It can usually be found outside Boomtown Coffee on 19th in the heights, or outside Buffalo Exchange on Westhiemer in Montrose, but it roams around bringing the flavorful goodness of Filipino to food to patrons all around Houston. Many people I have spoken to never had the opportunity to try food like this before the Flip N’ Patties truck went into business. My friends have heard me talk about Filipino food for years, but I had never been able to show them the food I was so in love with and missed so much.  Now, it’s something I enjoy with my friends and family. They have an official website, and are on twitter and facebook.

Official Website: www.flipnpatties.com

Twitter: (@flipnpatties) https://twitter.com/FlipnPatties

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlipNPatties

Their whereabouts and schedule is posted regularly in all three places, but if you’re old school like my mom you can hit them up on the telephone too. Their number is (832) 409-7580. They can also be found through Roaming Hunger. Aside from the food truck deal they also cater. Where just a couple years ago Filipino food was pretty scarce in this city, Houston is now home to two Filipino food trucks: Flip N’ Patties and the Jeepney truck.


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